21 11 2012

Sick logo I made for a ServerGeekcraft



Going to camp

31 07 2011

Just a quick blog about Camp Seneca Lake before I leave for three whole weeks! I will be away from my parents. I won’t be posting then so I thought that I should let everyone know that no new content will be posted. I will be at Camp Seneca Lake where I have gone for the past 3 years with some people I haven’t met yet and others I have known since I was a baby. Also, I have gone to Family Camp at Camp Seneca Lake with my parents since I was REALLY young. I hope my hobby is pit cooking or heads will roll.

Thanks For Reading! See you in three weeks!

I Made a Video Game in Two Weeks!

16 07 2011

My Game: "For The Win"

For the last two weeks, I went to college! I’ve been at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Kids On Campus program creating an Adobe Flash computer game. I had NO experience whatsoever, so I was a little nervous at the beginning about how hard it may be.

Turns out, I really liked the whole program because I met a whole bunch of nice new people, and ended up creating something REALLY cool!

I learned a whole new language, which has strict rules. If you even add a certain symbol accidentally, the whole game won’t work, AT ALL! While this was frustrating, I wanted to make my game work, so the errors were somewhat encouraging because they made me want to continue.

My favorite part of the two-week session was the last day where everyone got to try everyone else’s game and look at what they had created. I thought it was really interesting to see everyone else’s creations.

Considering I knew nothing about Adobe Flash or coding, I thought it was amazing I was able to make my own Flash game.

The only thing I didn’t like about the camp was the food. All of the food was unhealthy and the trays had food from previous diners left on them, which was DISGUSTING!

If you want to try my game, go here. Go here to try others games.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll make the next “Angry Birds.”

I’m addicted to a computer game.

10 07 2011

Minecraft, my new favorite game, involves creating your own goals and making as much cool stuff as you can.

Everything you have in the game is either built or crafted, to make complex structures, or is a raw material. Most people start by getting 20 or so pieces of wood from trees and making a crafting table as well as finding coal for torches.

While doing this you also must avoid monsters such as creepers (green things that blow up), arrow weilding skeletons, zombies, endermen, and slimes. Creepers and slimes can both survive in light, while skeletons, zombies, and endermen burn and thus die when there is sun beating down on them but thrive at night-time, except in well-lit areas. All of these monsters can only spawn, or form, in darkness — with the exception of slimes who can spawn in light as well as darkness, but only in certain chunks: a portion of the map 16 blocks wide, 16 blocks long, and 128 blocks deep. That is a total of 32,768 blocks!

Players can pick between single-player survival or multiplayer collaboration. If this sounds good you should try classic, the original version of Minecraft (which stinks in comparison to beta) and watch some videos of beta, what this post is about.

If you want to get Minecraft, get it now for $21.95 plus tax because it is on sale for 25% off of full price while the game is in the beta stage.

While spending as much time as I do playing Minecraft isn’t healthy, I’m told it’s better for you than being addicted to cocaine.

Fan-made Trailer:

How to survive your first night:

Check out the official site here

It’s That Time of Year Again

2 07 2011

The time of year where school is done. Where I start up my blog again. Where the weather is nice — well not really where I live. Here, we really only have two months of summer.

June was WAY too rainy to call it summer. Most of my friends who live on the street just finished school on Wednesday; I finished on Monday. I have a good amount of blogs planned for the next couple of weeks. I am still fencing (if you didn’t know that check out my mom’s blog about that here:

I’m looking forward to a great summer as well as a bunch of great blogs! I will have one blog each week released on Sunday with the exception of a couple weeks where I will be away at overnight camp.

Come back next Sunday for a blog about a game on the computer that I am currently obsessed with. (*insert ominous music here*)

Rubik’s Cube

2 09 2010

A long time ago I got a Rubik’s cube and was playing with it when horror struck! I thought that I broke it because I mixed it up. I was sad, and I wanted it fixed. I couldn’t do it. Finally, I accepted that I couldn’t fix it. Then, years later, I found these websites and I could solve it! I am now addicted to Rubik’s cubes.

Have you ever wanted to solve your Rubik’s cube but can’t get more than 2 or 3 sides. Well today with the help of 1 link you can! There are actually 2 links but you will pick one of the 2.

The first link is one that will have you tell the webpage where your cubelets are. The page will look kind of like this picture when you are done inputting your cubes’ position.

If you want to use this solver here is the link

The next solver is a little more independent. It will tell you the things you need to do and how to do them, but you need to prepare the cube for what needs to be done each step. Here is the link for this solver Just click on the button that says Unlock the secret.

I Memorized the steps and can now solve the cube without help from the computer. If you want to, try it!

Thanks for reading!

I’m Back From Camp!

26 08 2010
CSL 2010 color war paintings

CSL 2010 color war paintings

Hi! Today I am going to write a quick blog about my experience at the summer camp I go to.

I go to a camp called Camp Seneca Lake for three weeks in august when I sleep, eat, and have fun. You might think sleep? Yes, I sleep there. It is a sleep-away camp. People might gasp at the thought of not seeing your son or daughter or not seeing your parents for three whole weeks. Well, I have gone for three years and I love it there!

That’s not even the scariest part to some people. The scariest part is in July you can stay for FOUR weeks. Some people even stay for seven weeks because they go in July and August! I have a great time doing activities like climbing on the climbing wall, sailing on the lake, bunk nights, village nights and evening programs. Over all I have a great time at camp! Can’t wait for next year!